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How flexible is your workplace?

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If you’d fought in a war during ancient times, you wouldn’t be all that surprised when your iron or carbon-steel sword snapped in half at a critical moment. Those early metals lacked tensile strength — they broke because they couldn’t bend or flex under stress.

21st Century businesses need flexibility too, if they wish to survive the constant twists and turns of the rapidly evolving global marketplace.  Flexible work arrangements assist in attracting and retaining better employees and allow them to stay longer under a wider range of circumstances.

What do we mean by “flexibility?” The term holds different meanings for different workplaces. Modern telecommuting technologies, for instance, help employees use their time more effectively while slashing office overhead. Of course some industries such as medicine, hospitality or childcare will always require the personal touch. But even in these cases, employers could offer flexible hours or a choice of several shifts to give employees the widest possible range of options.

How do you create and encourage flexibility in the workplace?

Consider the “Business Champions” program currently endorsed by Corporate Voices for Working Families, a coalition of businesses dedicated to doing just that. Member companies pledge to support their management staff in building, developing and actively promoting flexibility at all levels of the company. “Business Champions” who participate in the program win the right to use an official logo in their HR marketing efforts to show the working world that they maintain flexible work conditions. Who wouldn’t want to work at a business like that?

Check out or contact us to learn more about how flexibility can keep your company strong!

Dan Hettrich is the director of sales at Acadia HR located in Austin, Texas. He can be reached at or 512-745-2985.

Written by Dan Hettrich

May 20, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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