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Better hiring through referrals (or, goodbye Craigslist)

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If you had to hire someone for a critical situation in your own life — a tax lawyer to rescue you from a serious IRS issue, or a dentist to take care of that nagging toothache — would you feel okay about just grabbing any warm body off the street to do the job, or would you feel more confident using a specialist personally recommended by a trusted source?

If you chose the latter, you understand the power of networking. Most of us would much rather ask the people we know and trust for referrals than just pick a name out of the phone book. Yet all too often, employers rely on Craigslist or other relatively undiscriminating public sites to locate potential workers instead of using the powerful networking tools already at their fingertips.

“I’m not a networker,” you say? But everyone has a circle of trust — a network of friends, acquaintances and colleagues who can point you toward the best and brightest performers for the task at hand. Another great resource to consider is your employees – you’ve hired them, invested in them and gotten to know them. Based on their experience at your company, they also have a great understanding of your culture and demands of various positions, and they may have contacts that may be as productive as they are and would be a good cultural fit.  And thanks to social media technologies these concepts have gone truly global, bringing the entire business world to your company’s HR department at the touch of a mouse.

Among the many social media platforms helping businesses find qualified staff, perhaps none can rival LinkedIn for power and signal-to-noise ratio. LinkedIn focuses purely on business connections. Members post their resumes, bio profiles, company website or other business information, connecting with potential networking partners through requests for online introductions. This structured networking approach gives you access to high-quality referrals from people you trust. More and more smart employers and job candidates are finding each other in this manner. Maybe it’s the smart solution for you too!

Written by Dan Hettrich

July 14, 2011 at 6:46 pm

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