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A Hearty Welcome: Your Best Retention Tool?

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Your new employee seemed really enthusiastic about joining the company during the interview process. So why did he hang around for a few weeks and then disappear? Was he just not serious about the job after all — or did you do something to drive him away?

If you don’t care about the typical 15 percent turnover rate in the business world, then you won’t find much of interest in this post. If, however, losing a new employee after your HR department spent serious time and effort to find that person does bug you, then read on.

The business world has changed, and not necessarily in the employer’s favor. True, the scarcity of jobs in recent years has given companies access to a wider range of qualified candidates — but many of those candidates are in fact over-qualified, and they know it. They’ll accept your job opening today, get another tomorrow, and if you haven’t made a great first impression on them, off they go.

So how do you make new employees happy to be at your company from their very first day on the job?

Develop a detailed plan for onboarding new employees, and make sure the first day is a very positive first impression that lets them know they are important and you are excited (and prepared!) to help them be successful. Think about it — would you want to start your first day at a new job filling out an hour’s worth of paperwork, especially after all the hoops you jumped through just to get here in the first place? If you want new employees to feel welcome, put the I-9 aside until later in the day and walk them through the building. Introduce them to their co-workers. Show off your corporate culture and let them get a true feel for what your company is all about, spend time on ‘the vision’ and get them oriented to the team and position. Then maybe when that other offer comes, the answer will be: “Sorry, I’m no longer available!”

Already have your own “Welcome Wagon?” Tell us about it!

Written by Dan Hettrich

July 20, 2011 at 6:44 pm

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